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Under the MLC, only charter yachts are required to ensure food handlers are trained to Level 2 Food Safety. The MFA and most yachts realise that unless food handlers implement what they have learnt and managers are trained to a higher level, then there is no peace of mind that all aspects of food safety management and yacht sanitation are being achieved.


– Luxury Yacht Program –

Manager in Charge for the Luxury Yacht Program

In collaboration with Highfield Qualifications, we have developed the Manager in Charge for the Luxury Yacht Program.

The MFA is not a training provider but proudly works with carefully selected expert trainers around the world who have a solid industry background to deliver the program that is accredited by Highfield Qualifications/MFA.

The MFA will provide a CPD framework that will support and advise crew.  Each manager in charge will be required to achieve a minimum of 24 hours per year to renew their personal certification.

The Manager in Charge for the Luxury Yacht will ensure managers on board are trained and competent on the following:

Level 3 award

in Supervising Food Safety at Sea


in Yacht Sanitation & Public Health

Level 3 award

in Allergens

Level 3 award

in Auditing

MFA accredited training providers