FAQ regarding MFA


Find here a summary of most frequently asked questions regarding the MFA:

  • Why does the MFA exist?
    The MFA is raising standards for food safety management, auditing, yacht sanitation and outbreak management planning across the global superyacht industry. The Authority will bridge the gap between existing land-based food safety ratings and the lack of food safety ratings onboard. It will do this by issuing annual certificates of excellence to yachts and crew who take part in MFA accredited training.
  • How much time does it take to complete the training?
    It only takes 5 days. After that, you are set for life! It is a concentrated training program, consolidating all of the food safety, yacht sanitation and new auditing processes. Our trainers will come onboard to train you and your team members at a time that suits you.
  • We’re already busy – how can we fit it in?
    Much of what we cover is already part of your everyday processes onboard. Our goal is to support you in working towards the same standards of excellence. We will help make your processes more efficient by giving you access to MFA’s bespoke app, which allows you to allocate and complete tasks on the go, with zero paperwork. The manager’s dashboard will be instantly updated with any issues that arise. The app can be customised to each yacht and crew structure.
  • Do we receive certification?
    Yes. Each yacht will  receive an annual certificate  of excellence. Individual Managers in Charge will receive a certificate of excellence for the whole program as well as the following five individual, internationally recognised certificates:  Level 3 Food Safety at Sea, Level 3 Allergen Management, Level 3 Auditing, Level 3 HACCP and the Award in Yacht Sanitation and Public Health.
  • For how long is an individual membership?
    As an individual you have lifetime membership. Once you have completed your training you don’t need to renew.  Also, the MFA will provide you with continued professional development for free. To have this support is unheard of in the yachting industry. The MFA believes that ambassadors who embrace this change are part of a community that strives for excellence for all aspects of the industry.
  • What happens when I leave the yachting industry?
    The Manager in Charge certification is recognised by Highfield Qualifications, so if you leave yachting your qualifications will be recognised in other hospitality and service industries, such as hotels, palaces or Michelin star restaurants.
  • Charter yachts are particularly busy. What if we don’t have time for the training?
    The Manager in Charge for the Luxury Yacht Program is vital for all yachts. Having such a visible certificate of excellence is important in instilling confidence and trust in charter  guests. We know many representatives of the charter industry are delighted these standards are being introduced. and there is something to refer to that   indicates a yacht meets s excellent standards. The MFA  is streamlining all processes, including using a bespoke app, which result in saving time for crew.
  • We already know what we are doing, why do we need the MFA?
    We recognise that many crew are already highly qualified and competent in what they do. We also know that guests have increasingly high expectations when it comes to service and standards of excellence, including those related to food safety management and yacht sanitation. The MFA is here to support you in implementing a self-managing quality management system to help you in your day-to-day operations and meet (even exceed) guest expectations – we’ve got your back.
  • Does responsibility fall only on the Chef’s shoulders?
    No, not at all. All crew have a responsibility to maintain high standards in food safety management and yacht sanitation. It is a combined effort to safeguard guests and crew. Chefs, housekeeping, service and deck teams all have a very important role to play. The MFA will work with individual yachts to define  and support implementation of the new standards.
  • Will there be surprise audits?
    No, there will never be a surprise audit. As part of a yacht’s  membership to the MFA, an audit will be carried out once a year by a representative of the MFA auditing team. The audit is not intended to condemn; rather, think of it as your ‘critical friend’ onboard. It will be your opportunity to seek our advice and ensure training for every crew member is up to date. As the MFA app provides transparency 24/7, the auditors will come prepared with yacht specific knowledge to support and advise.