Richard Springer on the Manager in Charge program

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Richard Sprenger on the Manager in Charge program

As someone who has worked in improving food safety for more than 50 years, Richard Springer shares his thoughts on the Manager in Charge Program. “I have been involved with lots of worldwide food safety initiatives including HACCP, compulsory food handler training, stringent enforcement and developing a positive food safety culture. I sincerely believe that committed implementation of the Manager in Charge Programme (MICP) has the potential to secure the most cost-effective improvements in food safety of any of them. The MICP provides the manager with the knowledge,  skills and responsibility for all aspects of food safety, requires them to ensure the competency of the food handlers and keep up-to-date with relevant food safety issues. The manager’s own competency in the implementation of the highest standards of food safety is assured by knowledgeable external auditors. I am delighted that this successful approach to food safety is being adopted by the MFA and the superyacht industry as a demonstration of their commitment to protecting passengers and building a reputation for global excellence in food safety. Given the current problems relating to coronavirus and norovirus this will be critical to rebuilding public confidence.”



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